First post-election week…

12 04 2009

We are continuing to monitor the post-election period.
Victory, vandalism, arrests, grave violations of universal Human Rights…

7 days of victory and arrests
Monday – the observers from OSCE, CSI and many others announced that the election from 5 April 2009 were the most fair parliamentary elections and that Republic of Moldova should serve as an example of “free and fair elections” to the whole world .
Tuesday – tens of thousands of young people participate to a riot, claiming that the elections had been counterfeit. The protesters continued their route from Place of Great National Assembly, to Parliament and President’s buildings. Tuesday night the buildings of Parliament and President’s office were damaged. In the same night hundreds of young people were arrested.
Wednesday – at the meeting from Place of Great National Assembly
the youth was shouting “Free our friends”. In broad daylight
were arrested many citizens and journalists etc.
Wednesday and Thursday – the police passed through all schools,
colleges, universities, threatening students that if they will ever
come to the demonstrations again, they are to be arrested or shot.
Arrests are continued.
Thursday – the borders of Moldova with Romania are closed
(eastern border of European Union).
Friday madam Prime Minister asked all mothers to not let their children at the demonstrations or the police would have to use their weapons.
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday – tens of mothers are looking for their children at the police stations…
Saturday – the Central Election Commission approves the final results of parliamentary elections, sending them to Constitutional Court.
Sunday – in the Place of Great National Assembly a peaceful meeting
was carried out, as it was announced, by the next political parties: PL, PLDM and AMN.

Among the ones who attended the meeting, many mothers claim that their kids were arrested, beaten and then, after they have been freed, they are afraid to admit the behavior of the police while they were arrested.

During entire week more and more young people and journalists have applied for political asylum at the US embassy.

European Academy of Civil Society
First Club of Council of Europe
Young Journalists Agency




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